Selling your 3D Scans

Welcome to www3dscanhub.com. This is a non-binding summary of the Content Supplier Agreement that our lawyers insist you must agree to in order to do business with us and sell your scans through any of our sites, including 3dscanhub.com, 3dnaturescans.com, fossilscans.com, antiquescans.com, peoplescans.com, and sculpturescans.com. That agreement contains much more information than is found in this summary, so we must insist you read and rely on it. But basically, by uploading scans for licensing through our site, you are authorizing us to distribute your digital files worldwide, according to certain conditions. However, this agreement is non-exclusive, meaning you can still distribute these same files through other websites or avenues.

The decision of whether to host and license any piece of content is ours alone. We'll take care of the business side: running the site, publicizing it, and collecting and distributing the proceeds from selling the scans you provide. You allow us to sell licenses to your scans to people anywhere in the world and agree that they can do pretty much anything legal they want with them, including making and selling derivative works with them or altering or distorting them. You will also let us use your content for marketing purposes. But don’t worry, you'll still own the copyright to your scans. All you're selling is a limited, non-exclusive license to use them for certain purposes.

You are welcome to submit scans at any time for distribution on this site, but we can't host scans for which you don't actually own the rights. So you need to be able to provide proof of ownership of the scan, if it's yours, or permission from the owner if it's not. If you don't either own the scan or have permission to sell it, don't bother sending it to us. If it's going to get us in trouble, we don't want it and won’t post in on our site, and it's ultimately up to us what we put online. Therefore, by sending your digital files to us, you're stipulating that you have the right to distribute them and agree to provide proof if requested.

If you're supplying scans of identifiable human beings, you must provide (or agree to provide) model releases that allow distribution of those scans. If a scan submitted to any of our sites is based on an identifiable object subject to trademark or copyright restrictions, you agree to provide written permission from whoever owns the rights to it. If you're not authorized to make this deal, just forget about it. If there's a problem with your content, you are responsible for it, not us. We also can't be held responsible for what people might do with your scans – anybody purchasing them will have to accept our End User License Agreement, but unfortunately they might break it. We'll try to get credit for you on end-users projects, but we can't make any promises.

As for pricing, we’ll set the prices in our sole discretion, but we will first consult with you. We will split the gross proceeds from your content 50/50: you get half and we get half of the retail price. We'll issue you a statement and settle up every 6 months, unless we owe you less than $100USD, in which case we'll hold onto it until either you’ve earned more than $100USD or until the end of the our agreement. Of course, we can't split payments we don’t actually receive or that get charged back. And if it turns out you didn't really own the content, then we can't and won’t pay you for it.

We will communicate with you via our site or by email; our main email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We'd also really appreciate a virus-check on any content you try to upload. If your file harms our servers or any computer (ours or the customer’s), we don’t have to pay you. You’ll also be hearing from us about the damage you caused. Again, please don't send us anything you don't own the rights to. Remember, you're on the hook for our costs if we get sued because of anything you send us that you don’t own.

Andrew Werby, United Artworks
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.S. Our lawyers insist that I tell you to read and rely on the Content Supplier Agreement instead of this summary. If we all follow that Agreement, everyone makes money and everyone is happy.