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Welcome to www.3DScanHub.com. This is a non-binding summary of the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that our lawyers insist you must agree to in order to license one of our scans from any of our sites, including 3DNatureScans.com, AntiqueScans.com, PeopleScans.com, FossilScans.com and SculptureScans.com, so if you don't agree with the terms, we can't allow you to buy anything from us. That agreement contains much more information than is found in this summary, so we must insist you read and rely on it. Should anyone spot any difference between this summary and the EULA, the terms of the EULA itself will apply. This means this summary has no legal force; please read the full EULA before clicking the "accept" button.

As you can tell from the name of the agreement, when you purchase a scan from us, you aren’t actually buying the scan, you are buying a license to use the scan. Don’t worry though, because when you buy a license to a 3D scan from us, you can do a lot with it - chop it, change it, reproduce it and incorporate it into your own work, whether that's an animation, advertisement, or a work of art. What you're specifically forbidden to do is to distribute these scans as-is (or with superficial changes) to third parties or the general public, directly or indirectly. Just because you've licensed a scan from us doesn't mean you can go selling our scans or otherwise spreading them around on the internet. You can make a back-up copy of a licensed scan for your own use, but you can't allow anyone else not in your company to copy them. We must insist that you tell us if you think that's happened.

We also can't allow you to use these scans for illegal or immoral purposes. While you have authorship of anything you make with our scans, please give us credit for providing the original source material when practical. All these scans are protected by copyrights owned by the people who made them. While you receive a license to use this material for certain purposes, this doesn't mean that we transfer the underlying copyrights in the scan to you. You also agree to respect any trademarks and company names that may be associated with these scans, and not to claim that you are us or any of the other people selling their scans here.

If any identifiable people are the subject of one of these scans, there are special rules that apply - remember, these are real persons, who have certain rights of their own. We'll make an effort to obtain model releases from any identifiable subjects, which will spell out the permissible uses of the scans featuring them. But ultimately it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have an appropriate model release for any scan of an identifiable person.

If you purchase a scan from Sculpturescans.com, these are based on the work of contemporary sculptors who allow their work to be used for the purposes of reproduction in various forms, but this does not mean they give up all moral rights such as their copyright or right of attribution. While the license allows you to copy them, it doesn't transfer the copyright to you, or allow you to claim authorship of the source material you've licensed from us.

If there turns out to be some legal problem with some of the scans you've licensed here (which we're trying our best to avoid), we might have to ask you to stop using it. You also agree that if you do anything with this content that's prohibited by the EULA, then it's on you to defend yourselves when you get sued, not on us. But if you've gotten us both in trouble, we have the right to take over the legal fight and to require your help with it. Believe us -you really don’t want to hear from our lawyers. But they tell us that if everyone reads and follows the EULA, they’ll continue to hibernate in their caves. Let’s keep it that way!

We definitely want you to be happy with the scans you license from us, and we really appreciate the fact that you brought your business our way. And if you end up doing something you’re proud of with these scans, we'd really like to hear about it and get some sample copies for publicity purposes if possible.

Andrew Werby, United Artworks

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