About Us

As enthusiasts and early adopters of 3D scanning technology ourselves, we noticed that while there were many sites selling 3D scanners and offering to make custom scans for clients, there wasn't anyplace for someone to purchase them ready-made, like stock photographs, or to sell scans they may have produced. We hope these sites will go some way toward remedying this deficiency. The scans currently available are just a small sampling of what we hope to be offering shortly, especially as we are joined by other scanning enthusiasts, collectors and professionals in presenting a medium that is as yet little known outside certain specialized industries. We believe that 3D scanning is an art form that will be increasingly important in the future, as the use of 3D content accelerates and the advantages of this mode of representation become clearer.

These sites are part of the United Artworks group of enterprises, which focus on innovative solutions to three-dimensional problems. Founded by sculptor Andrew Werby, United Artworks offers products, services and information aimed at facilitating the creation of 3D content of all sorts, fostering the appreciation of art and the natural world, and promoting innovative solutions to three-dimensional problems. Other United Artworks sites include www.unitedartworks.com, www.computersculpture.com, and Juxtamorph.com.