Large Trilobite

Phacops Speculator

Atlas Mountains,Morocco
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Large Trilobite
Trilobites were a family of marine arthropods that were widespread during the lower Paleozoic era. Named for the three-fold division of their bodies, they were an extremely diverse and prolific group of animals that vanished entirely in the mass extinction that ended the Permian era 250 million years ago. The Phacopids were known for their large compound eyes, and their ability to roll their bodies up, presumably as a defense against predators.
ingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Trilobitomorpha
Class: Trilobita
Order: Phacopida
Scientific Name: Phacops Speculator(?)
Location found: Atlas Mountains,Morocco
Era: Devonian
Scanned by: Roland MDX-20
Available as: STL
Size: 42,881 KB